2017. You done good.

wow. wow. what a year.

where do I even begin? 2017 was the absolute biggest whirlwind of my entire life. I feel like its only march. time FLEW by and I loved every second of it. like what did I even do??

I travelled a lot and slept a lot more and strengthened relationships and fostered new ones and took multiple leaps of faith and learned how to love myself just a little bit more.

if you remember this post you’ll remember that 2017 was the Year of Grace. And as I look back on 2017, I’m delighted to say that I think that was true. I mean, my Uber driver did say that I was one of the friendliest people he’s ever met, so if he says that it must be true!

In all honesty, I still have a long way to go. When your comparison is to God’s Grace, I think you have to use a little grace when you measure yourself up. see what I did there??? ;). You’re never even going to come close, but it should still always be your goal and I hope that I took one step closer to living like Him than I did last year.

To sum up 2016, I wrote this post which when I read it back today, I was impressed. 2016 Rachel was incredibly introspective and I want to be her friend. 2017 Rachel still believes everything that she wrote, but this year’s learnings can be summed up into this:

Shoot your shot. 

Yes, I realize that the kids these days use this in reference to relationships, and you can definitely use this in regards to that, in fact, I recommend it! But use this as a basis for everything in your life! Apply for that job. Raise your hand for that project. Take a spur of the moment trip. Go on a date with that cute boy. What’s the worst that could happen? They say no? You don’t get it? I’ve learned that its better to know than it is to constantly be wondering. In any situation.

Now that I’ve bestowed all the knowledge I have in me onto you, let’s see what kind of shenanigans we can get into in 2018 together.

For some reason, I think 2018’s going to be even better. 

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