20 Things We Should Say More Often

Each time I watch a new Kid President video I fall in love with him all over again. he is the cutest little boy ever and has the simplest but greatest advice ever. 

His most recent video was 20 Things We Should Say More Often and it was so spot on. 
I’m not sure if he comes up with this stuff by himself, but whoever does has got it all figured out.

 check out the top 10:

10. ” I don’t know”
9. “You’re really awesome.”
8. “Hello person I’ve never met before. Here’s a high five.”
7.”My sports team isn’t always the best team.” THIS THIS THIS
6. *nothing*
5. *armpit sounds*
4. “I disagree with you but still like you as a person”
2. “Life is tough, but so are you.”
1. *Something Nice*

he’s speaks the truth, but in the perfect way. I love it.
I highly encourage you to take a look at his videos. you’ll fall in love with him immediately and you’ll have a great start to your day. I promise! 


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