10 Things You Definitely(okay, maybe) Don’t Know About Me

Hello hello! Today I thought I would share some little known facts about me. I love about pages and learning more about the people I follow so I thought I would do one of my own! So pull up a chair and read on for some fun tidbits about me! Enjoy!

  1. ABBA albums were the soundtrack to my childhood. More specifically, I wanted to be in A*Teens (the younger ABBA tribute group) so badly that I choreographed dances pretending to be Marie. The Teen Spirit album I think was stuck in an eternal repeat. Here’s the best music video ever made to jog your memory. 
  2. For 2 weeks when I was a kid, we “test drove” a dog from down the street that the current owners were trying to find a new home for. This dog, Maggie (as cute as she was) had severe separation anxiety and did not like being left alone and dug/cut through our basement door into the shape of Africa. Needless to say, we didn’t end up adopting this dog, but the original family decided to keep her so it all worked out (and then we got Pepper!)
  3. I was an extra in a movie! Its called Rumors of Wars and I haven’t even seen it, hahaha. The most well-known actor in the movie is Eric Roberts,  Julia Robert’s brother, who was in the Dark Knight. I’m 99% sure I’m in the final cut because I said hello to the lead actor in one scene.
  4. This won’t be something new if you’re from my hometown, but I was Miss Stevensville in 2012! To answer your question, no this isn’t affiliated with Miss America or Miss Universe, its just a local Southwest Michigan thing, but it was such an awesome experience being the representative for my town for that year.
  5. This one may gross some people out, but I used to eat Spam out of the can as a kid. I haven’t had it in several years, but just thinking about it makes me want some. I have no idea what is in Spam and I most likely should not have been eating it raw, but man, did I love that.
  6. I was a photographer for the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, Florida for 3 years! I got to hang out with some pretty phenomenal golfers throughout that time, I even got to go inside the ropes for some of it!
  7. Every year at Christmas Eve, my family puts on a little show for whoever is at our house for dinner + opening presents. (Side note: We open all of our Christmas presents on Christmas Eve night because we never believed in Santa Claus. We’re German and just never started that tradition.) But before we open the presents, we play a few Christmas carols. I play the flute, my dad plays the piano or the cello, my mom will play the clarinet or the accordion, and my brother, who now claims that his lips are too out of shape to play, can play the trumpet. As cheesy as it is, its secretly one of my favorite things. I loved playing my flute in junior and senior high and I don’t want to forget how to play so this is an excuse to bust it out at least once a year. And its always more fun to play with others instead of just by yourself.
  8. Kate Upton was born in my hometown! It’s like our only claim to fame, other than the global headquarters for Whirlpool, which Kate’s like great-great-grandfather founded. It you want to get technical, (because people from St Joseph get very touchy about this) I technically grew up in the town next door, Stevensville, which is actually a village and only has a population of 1100 people, so I claim St. Joseph to be my hometown because no one knows where Stevensville is.
  9. I was a flag holder for the National Anthem in the 2009 Fiesta Bowl where the Texas Longhorns played the Ohio State Buckeyes. I was in marching band in high school (I was in the colorguard) and we were invited to the Grand National Championships that were happening the same week. I think we finished 6th or 7th nationally! (We were pretty good, not gonna lie).
  10. And finally, in high school I went to Jamaica on a missions trip with my church to put on a VBS for a week and help fix up the local church and homes there. The best part was that I got baptized there and the funny thing is, we may or may not have snuck into a resort in order to baptize me hahaha. I think we knew the owners, but they weren’t there, so we just kind of walked through the gates. It still counts right?!

And there ya have it! 10 things you probably didn’t know about me. I always love reading random facts about people I follow, makes me feel a bit closer to them. And since everyone is doing those “5 Facts About You” on Instagram Stories, I thought I would do mine here instead!

Until next time!

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